Here are my discoveries this week…and a fun photo.


Murderous mayhem.

7.10 – I learned that the local theater here is fun. Lumber Baron Murder Mystery Dinner downtown was a great night out (see above photo). Next up: Heritage Square Music Hall and Miner’s Alley Playhouse in Golden before the summer’s over!

7.11 – I realized I/we need to do the following things while it’s still summer: go for more bike rides, rollerblade while walking Sadie, go tubing down Clear Creek (looks SO fun), take the White Stallion out more, relax by the pool (shocking that I’ve only done this four times!) and READ. Good heavens, there’s a lot I’ve been neglecting.

7.12 – I realized that I sometimes accidentally mistype the words “there” and “their” when I’m blogging. I have no idea why! I know the correct usage, but I think my fingers go faster than my brain and it doesn’t register. SO ANNOYING.

7.13 – I realized our time in Golden is quickly coming to an end. And I hate it.

7.14 – I realized that we have not just one, but TWO Redboxes within walking distance. SCORE! I also discovered FaveRED Starbursts – all four of the favorite “reds”. That was totally my idea…I’m glad they read my mind! YUmmmm. Tonight was a very red night.

7.15 – I learned how exhausting it is to apartment hunt. And I realized that I’m terrible at making decisions…something I already knew, but was confirmed once more today.

7.16 – I realized that in a few weeks, I will have my whole weekend free again after six months of working nearly every weekend! (I’m leaving the spa in August, and yep, I’ll definitely miss the perks…)


Next week I will be “on assignment” for my travel writing, which I’m FINALLY able to do again now that the Golden web proposal is done, work has slowed down and we’re not apartment hunting. And next weekend more friends will be in town – yay for Jordan, Matt and Micah! So until next week…

- Laura