Birthday adventures – standing in a glass box above the city. Behold, the Willis Tower Sky Deck.

Birthday adventures – standing in a glass box above the city. Behold, the Willis Tower Sky Deck.

Since I’m another year older and another year wiser (ha, riiiight…), I want to take this time to reflect on my year in passing (thanks to my friend, Lisa, for always making this a tradition at work). And with this comes the question – what have I learned? Read on, my friends…you shall soon find out.

So what’s most interesting for me about my 25th year of life is that I was hoping exciting changes were in store for me (being a quarter of a century and all), but figured nothing of significance would actually happen. I mean, really, I live in the Midwest and nothing monumental had happened in my previous 24 years of life. Except for the standard stages all mid-westerners go through – graduating college, getting married, moving to another Midwest town, buying our first place and getting a dog. You know, the usual. (ha)

Well, the first few months were pretty routine and uneventful – with one exception. I actually started calling my inlaws, “Mom” and “Dad” rather than “Hey” and “You.” Okay, so it may not seem like a big deal to some but for me, it was a large and laborious step, despite the fact they are wonderful people and I feel completely comfortable with them. The labels were just awkward, okay? But I actually found that three years of having to walk into the room in order to address them was more awkward than the titles, so I finally gave in.

But in March, the winds of change and opportunity began blowing in pretty strong – and didn’t let up either. Over the course of 8 months I…

lost my job
explored five countries and three states
got back into landscaping
had a shift in perspective
started a business and got new clients
celebrated four years of marriage to the love of my life
experienced the sale of our condo
packed our life into a POD
moved in with the inlaws
…and will move to Golden, CO in a couple of weeks

[read full story here if you’re not caught up on the details]

Oh, and did I mention I’m pregnant?

Just kidding! I had to throw that in there to get a stomach-dropping reaction. Did it work? Suckers.

But I’d say that’s a lot more eventful than I could have imagined for the big 2-5. So crazy.

And it cannot go without saying that we have been very, very blessed. I am, and will always be, amazed at the opportunities God provided us during the rough economic time of our country. All the more proof that God is good, all the time. And He really does answer prayers…in His own way and on His schedule.

So to answer my self-imposed question, I have learned to be adaptable to every situation because I will never know what’s in store for my life. I’m just praying hard every day and living life as it comes. Ten-year plan? Nope. Just waiting for tomorrow’s adventure.

But I want to know about you, too. So leave me a comment or send me an email. I’d love to hear your news…mundane or otherwise.