So I believe the baby has dropped. Meaning, I am feeling lots-o-pelvis-pressure – belly now touches the legs while sitting kind of deal. And it is noticeable because others have pointed it out, too.

This makes me feel like it could be any day. Eep!! But I’ve heard for first-timers like me that it doesn’t necessarily indicate an early delivery…just that baby’s on the downward move.

Either way…AHHH!

My mom told me the other day that all of her labors were no longer than 4 hours (please oh PLEASE let me take after her). But while I’m totally wishing for the same quick, un-medicated labor, I know not to expect it. So we’ll just wait and see. Which, by the way, I don’t think that you’ll be hearing about…the labor, that is. I’m not really on board with sharing all the details even though I’ve given a pretty thorough play-by-play of my pregnancy. I dunno – something seems different about labor and delivery. More personal somehow. But again, we’ll see. As with everything else related to this pregnancy, I might just surprise myself with how much I share.

But right now, I’m still trying to figure out how in the world I am actually DOING this whole pregnancy thing. I mean, my body is making a baby.

So bizarre.

We are going to be PARENTS in a few short weeks.

Even more bizarre.

Our life will soon be revolved around a little person. A mini Hart. A tiny version of us.

I still cannot fathom this. Even though I’m totally going through all kinds of crazy changes emotionally, physically and mentally (oy) it’s almost like I’m still observing it happen to someone else. Like, this can’t really be my body, is it?? And that’s not really a little person bopping around in there…is it??

What in the world. Craziness.

And oh so many questions swirling around. Will our baby be healthy? Will I know what to do? Will I be a good mom? How will I function without sleep? How will this change my relationship with Ryan…friends…family? How will Sadie react to not being the “baby” anymore? Do I really have to deal with [someone else's] poop…boogers…milky drool? I could go on for ages.

Yes, reality will hit in no time. This IS my life, this IS my child.

Say a prayer for me…it’s coming.