Hi, my name is Sonora and I'm eating all of this. Try to stop me.

Life has been a little bit crazy lately. With all the family reunions we’ve had in June (Rhonda’s wedding), July (Meyer family reunion) AND August (my brother and his family) and design work coming in every week, it’s no wonder it takes me a month to blog. I have no time! I’ve been entertaining, mothering and making money – good problems to have. But now I feel I have to give an update and share photos so my blog doesn’t totally disappear.

At the end of July we had Ryan’s parents stay with us for a few days before the Meyer family reunion so they could spend some time with Sonora. We played around the house, went to Golden to relax and then later to take the tubes down Clear Creek, and introduced them to Sonora’s favorite splash park.

Proud of her new toys from her grandparents.

Chasing geese with Grandpa in the park.

Cooling off in Clear Creek.

Wanting to walk by herself. Not happening.


Showing off at the splash park.

Testing the waters.

Pool day in between family.

That weekend we all met up in Breckenridge for some family bonding. We went to the Arts Festival, went on a beautiful hike, enjoyed the hot tub, walked downtown, watched the Olympics together and in general, just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company.

I did not even pose them. They are so good.


Small hiker in a tiny forest.

She may be fancy, but she loves hiking.

Mountaintop snuggles.

Perfect day.

The whole family!

The following two weeks were normal and mostly uneventful – just working and hanging around the house before our next set of guests would come.


I'm telling you, she does NOT like the camera interrupting her play time.

Eating bark / Cars on brick

She looks SO OLD. Make it stop!

She is her mother's daughter. The night of the infamous "screen kisses" <3

Tuckered out.

Swingin' time.

Walking the red brick road. Pantless, of course.

I have no idea what's going on here.

Still not sure. Pure antics.


So much spinning happening.

There was no fan blowing her hair. She woke up like that. Hilarious.

This face. That hair. She's so silly.

Off to work!

More work. This time with pigtails.

Morning winking with Daddy.

Nathan, Heidi and Arianna graced us with their presence for the week of August 12-19 and we had a great time. The babies loved playing together and we loved being tourists with them during their time here. We went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for a free day the first day they were in town and the Denver Zoo the next. The next day we went to at Red Rocks Amphitheater and then headed to Golden for a Coors tour. Then for baby nap time, we took the Lariat Loop drive back down through Golden, Morrison and Evergreen and ended with a fun tubing adventure down Clear Creek. On Wednesday, the Gras’s went to Colorado Springs for the day so we reunited on Thursday and took a hike on Mt. Falcon. Friday was spent downtown Golden again, just enjoying the town. And on Saturday we road tripped it to Breckenridge to enjoy the perfect weather and end on a relaxing note.

The girls were clearly thrilled* to meet a dinosaur at the museum. *apathetic

Trying to climb in with the kangaroos.

Coors tour!

Nathan with the girls, enjoying their three free tastings of beer at the end.

We all look good...it's amazing! And the girls posed with the hats, unprompted. So of course we had to buy the souvenir photo.

Checking out the views along the Lariat Loop.

Babies watching the tubing fun.

Silly girls waiting for everybody to get back.

The girls wanted their turn in the tubes.

Hiking on Mt. Falcon.

Brother, papoose and sister.

Sonora couldn't wait to leave the castle ruins.

Hiker babe.

Meeting in the conference room.

Cousin bath! Sonora wasn't so sure about Arianna's enthusiasm.

Morning play time with dino.

Story time!

Strategic play time.

More reading.

My favorite girl.

Posing so cute...finally!

Big fish.

Uncle Natah gives the best laundry basket rides.

Corn eater.

Downtown Breckenridge has the best flower baskets.

View on the way to the gondola.

Free gondola ride to the top!

Enjoying the sun while at the top.

Phew! Did you make it through all 70 photos? Good work. And that’s been the last few weeks’ activities.

Coming up next…toddler play and more updates.