On my early afternoon walk.

On my early afternoon walk. See that subtle ray of light on the left? Yep, it's the sun. We have that here.

No, I don’t think you understand. About what you say? About the weather here. And I’m not sure how to make this more clear, but the winters in Golden are AMAZING.

It snowed beautiful, big flakes last night that covered the ground, trees and buildings in white and it looked so pretty I wanted to take a photo. But then I decided that was kind of weird since I’ve grown up with snow my entire life and it’s nothing new, so what makes CO snow special? But now I regret it because today a lot of it melted away due to the bright, sun-shiny day.

Did you hear me? Sunshine. It’s the end of February and where at this time of year we used long for the end of winter because of the dreary, overcast days and horrendous roads, we are now able to walk around outside without coats, gloves, scarves or hats. Rather than winter gear, I wear sunglasses because the sun is so bright it hurts. And when I say walk around I’m not talking just a couple steps to take the dog outside to relieve herself and then run back inside to where it’s warm. I’m talking an active, no-time-limit meandering walk to enjoy the warmth. Yes, warmth from the sun on my back. Even though technically it’s 42 degrees, in the sun it feels like 60 degrees. Outdoor seating at a restaurant? Yes, please.

Sorry to make you Midwesterners feel worse about winter, but you knew this was one of the reasons we wanted to move. So I may talk freely about it until I’m blue in the face. And obviously turning blue won’t happen because it’s cold…

With rays of sunshine,