People, my hormones are raging. I haven’t been this emotional/whacked out since I got pregnant. I feel like a crazy person. It’s like my body is working against me in these final weeks and the baby is taking all my sanity.

I cry about silly things (and some not so silly things), my body is sore, my mind is not all there (i like to call this “babystealsmybrain” syndrome) and I am easily frustrated. I had to have Ryan explain a simple concept to me three times because I just wasn’t getting it. This could just be me being dumb, but I’m going to blame it on the pregnancy hormones to make myself feel better. I also ruined my macaroni & cheese today. Smoking noodles – talk about a lunch fail.

As I’ve said before, this pregnancy has been great. With the exception of morning sickness and my body breaking, I’ve felt really, really good. But these last few weeks are killing me, Smalls.*


I can only imagine what will happen once I have our child (even more crying and broken body) and sleep deprivation hits (super crabby). I am already apologizing to Ryan in advance.

Anyway, this weekend I was planning to go on the youth retreat with a bunch of great kids and leaders. But after a visit to the doctor on Thursday and dealing with all the things mentioned above, I decided last minute to hang back and take it easy this weekend. I am still really sad about missing out on the fun and bonding but know it’s the right decision – I need to take care of myself and the bebe first.

The good news is that baby’s head is nice and low and we’re both looking great. So I’m just going to take the weekend to continue the rest of my preparations, do some yoga and maybe even pamper myself by using my mani/pedi gift certificate so I can give the delivering doctors and nurses SOMETHING nice to look at, ha.

But yeah. Just wanted to write a post about nothing. I’m going crazy and needed an outlet. Thank you internet.


*Sandlot reference, could not resist. and hmm, a fun new nickname for little Hart perhaps..?