Ahhh. A nice long weekend full of fun and adventure! Since there’s more I can say but I just don’t have the time (that’s what happens when I actually have 40+ hours of work again…), I’m just going to have to bullet point summarize…for the first time ever. But hopefully the last. Here goes:


  • Wanted to take a motorcycle ride to Evergreen. Wasn’t happening because it was 2pm I was starving (you know what that means) so we grabbed some lunch downtown Golden. Then took the White Stallion out for a ride along Highway 6 for some gorgeous craggy mountain views.
  • Met up with Meghan and Greg and went to the legendary Beau Jo’s for some Mountain Pies. Came home, made chocolate shakes and watched a flick all together into the wee hours of the night.
  • After they left, I proceeded to write about our adventures for my Examiner.com article before calling it a night.

The drive along Highway 6


Everyone in CO raves about Beau Jo's. It's good, but I don't quite get the hype.


  • Another great church service – learned that knowledge means nothing without action.
  • Ryan and I went to take the hike that we were planning to do last weekend (Silver Dollar & Murray Lakes), driving through an adorable gold- and silver-rush town called Georgetown. Drove up a gravel road for 3 miles and were only 4 miles away from our trailhead only to discover a dead end – the road was closed for construction. Needless to say, considering it was already 2pm, we did not chose to hike the additional 4 miles to the start of the trailhead for a 3-4 hour, 4.4 mile hike. So sad.
  • Got over the sadness quickly because we hiked another trail nearby, Grizzly Gulch, that had great vista views and mine shaft ruins. I think we took the wrong route because it wasn’t very gulchy…but our views were awesome anyway. Plus, I found a gnarly stick to decorate our house – bonus!
  • Returned to Georgetown to check out the visitor’s center (for such a small town, it’s really nice) and briefly meander downtown. Found out the trail we wanted to hike would be inaccessible until October. Boo. (haha, didn’t even try to be punny)

Super cute Georgetown. Please note the old man sitting on the bench, smoking a pipe. Thanks.

View of Georgetown on the drive up to our original trailhead.

Roadside photo op on our way back down after a failed attempt.

The start of our hike up Grizzly Gulch.

Tiny little Ryan sitting to the left of the old mine shaft.

Me and my mountain man.

Just enjoying the view.

Itty bitty Ryan.

Love the old firehouse.

Awesome colors.


  • Laid out by the pool for a bit – excellent.
  • Took a short hike with Ryan, Sadie and Leah up NTM since she’d never been. Scrambled up some rocks in our effort to get to the top quicker. Felt like a mountain goat. Nice.
  • Took a quick dip in the pool to cool off. Love it. Not cold at all despite being unheated.
  • Grabbed some num nums for our BBQ at Brad and Sarah’s.
  • Played bocce ball, socialized and ate way too much. Felt sick the rest of the night. Didn’t matter, still had fun and totally worth it.
  • On our way home, got a call from our good friend from Illinois, Bill, who had just flown into town for work…he’s a pilot. Picked him up from his hotel at the airport for a night on the town. Skyped his lovely wife, Faith, and got a virtual tour of their new house. Then took a short drive up Lookout Mountain. Realized too late that he can see the same thing from his pilot’s seat. Hmm. He still liked it.
  • Had a sleepover – but Bill got called out at 8am the next morning so no breakfast date for us. Hopefully next time.

Successfully scrambled up the rocks.

Just chillin.

I liked the sheer rock wall behind her. Note to self: climb this.

I can't help but take photos of flowers. It's what I do.

Spring views from the top.

This was actually just as long as my usual posts, hmm. Weird. But anyway, that was our weekend!

And even though today wasn’t part of that, I’ll just mention that this morning whilst the boys were still sleeping, I attended a Golden Downtown Merchant’s meeting and got myself a little more involved with the Golden community. Already seeing this was a good thing…and will likely produce more work for Signify, hooray!