As I’ve mentioned in the past few posts, my best friend and her husband came to visit us last month – woo! We had a fun yet relaxing time this time around. If you recall from two years ago, we did EVERYTHING when they were here last. So this time we just took it easy and did more local things…kinda like we did when my brother and his family came to visit in August.

The first day they were here it was a little cooler and overcast. Since they have a baby who still takes a morning nap, they went grocery shopping and then when Charlotte woke up, we took a walk around Kendrick Lake so they could get a sense of Lakewood living. Then I took Leah to Belmar, Lakewood’s downtown, to check out the shopping area. We stopped in at an awesome girly store called Charming Charlie’s that is entirely purses, women’s clothes and jewelry. When you open the doors to the store, it’s kind of like stumbling upon treasure and your eyes turn into beaming stars like in the cartoons. That night we stayed in and watched the local news for our nightly entertainment. Because we’re 74 years old.

Mirror on Kendrick Lake.

Besties and our babies!

They are just DAH-ling.

The next day they had tickets for a Rockies vs Cubs game in the afternoon so we just decided to take a visit to Golden and enjoy a leisurely walk along the creek in the morning. That night we had a delicious dinner of cheesy bacon potato soup. It was so good that I don’t think we talked at all while we ate and we got done eating approximately 5 minutes after we started. I know. That good.

Showing them her chickens.

It's just what she does.

We are all such cute farm girls!

Bridge shot.

Waiting for our friends after a diaper change / Working it

I love this girl and I love this city.

The next day was kind of a bust. I wanted to take them up Mt. Evans (as shown here) but the road to the top was closed due to weather. Apparently they don’t want people to die during stormy conditions on the top of a 14,000ft mountain. Pfft. Rude. But clearly we got some great shots on the part that we could drive…and I think Jared was very relieved he didn’t have to drive up the skinny, crumbling road that has no guard rails. I, however, was disappointed about that. Would have made for some hilarious backseat driver teasing and entertainment. Oh well.

Yeah, I dressed myself to match her.

They are adorable.


Echo lake at the base of Mt. far as we could get.

This girl loves benches.

Strutting her stuff as usual.

Defiance starts so young. *sigh* But she is so cute that I don't care.

That night we decided to go downtown Denver for a dinner treat. We went to Wazee’s Supper Club which isn’t lame at all considering the name and then grabbed some sweets at The Market in Larimer Square…the trendy, restaurant-y part of town.

The bus ruined the shot but we're standing across the street from the restaurant.

Such good dads.

There was a really pretty botanical atrium in between some office buildings. Complete with a fountain. How quaint.

Pretty girls in Larimer Square.

Sonora wanted to stand by this statue, not me. No, really. I'm not obsessed...

For their last day we wanted to go on more of an excursion so we took a mini road trip to Breckenridge. We’ve been there four times this summer/fall but every time it’s just as fun and the weather is just as nice. Such a great mountain town and really close to home.

Daddy time before we left. Well aren't they just precious.

A squeeze...and the trees.

Sonora hasn't quite come to love the family self-portrait just yet. She'll come around.

While we waited for our friends to catch up...

What we did / What she did

Family pile.

Turns out she cooperates for strangers. Hmph.

Window shopping.

Posing by barns is what we do, apparently.

I thought this would make a great photo backdrop. She disagreed.

And then we went on a little hike.

Pretties with a view.

Picturesque / Mountain top hiking trail



Yes, please.

And that was our time with them in a nutshell. Next up…Sunday photostrip.