Another Sunday has come and gone and yet there was no photostrip post. Oops! I’m a little backed up lately. We’ve been hosting get togethers and we’ve got guests coming tomorrow night – my best friend and her family (woo!) – so I’ve been preparing for both of those things. And I’ve also been slaving away in the kitchen preparing all kinds of homemade goodness like the little domestic ninja that I am. In the last week I’ve made cornflake crusted chicken tenders, BBQ pulled pork, white bean soup, butternut squash soup, cheesy potato soup and potato fries (I’m sure I’m forgetting something…) as well as applesauce and apple crisp from our apple picking trip this past Saturday (featured below). I win at domesticity!

Anyway, this week’s photos are featuring the past TWO weeks of daily fun. It’s another long one. Enjoy.

Favorite blanket / Lawn mowers! / Footie pajamas

Just like Daddy

'Tis the season for...leggings!

Saying "wah la la" (while shaking her head, hence the blur) which is the title of her favorite book, "Shoe La La"

Just cute / "Who built the ark? Noah, Noah! Brother Noah built the ark."

Reaching into her favorite drawer to play with her box of treasures.

Box of treasures

Gate fun.

Freshly picked Sonora-sized apples from the neighbors' tree (this was not our apple picking day, though)

Nap interrupter.

Daddy time.

Working it in her new fall boots!

She can *almost* turn the knob.

My fall mantel decor. And a little person.

Elmo watching daddy snuggles.

She found our secret stash of garage sale money. Making it rain.

These next few are snapshots from some of our outings last week.

Zoo day! With friends Grant and Cameryn.

Visiting the crazy feathered chickens downtown Golden.

All she cares about are her snacks.

Always on the move.


Quaint, yes?


Geese chaser.

Bath night.

Pure glee.

Rocket ship.

View of South Table Mountain from the park.

And now onto this weekend’s apple picking! Our friend from Bible study invited us along to her boss’s house to pick a bunch of really great looking apples from his giant apple tree in the backyard. So it wasn’t quite the Midwest apple orchard experience, but Sonora liked it all the same. Plus, all she was really interested in was eating them.

First time apple picking!

I got a little ambitious...

Such a cute little harvester.

We found lots of apples on the ground with little Sonora bites out of them. He he

Enjoying our bounty.

So that was the last two weeks in pictures. Next up…our annual color tour photos on Mt. Evans! The aspens are AMAZING right now and I’m planning to go back with Leah and Jared this week to show off our state. The road up is pretty precarious so it’ll definitely be a Colorado experience all around for them, ha!

Until then,