So LAST weekend *ahem* (no time to write this due to freelance!) we went downtown Golden to celebrate Buffalo Bill Days – finally! We’ve been in Colorado for nearly two years but had yet to attend the small-town western festival honoring one of Golden’s significant people. So we had to change that.

We started by going to the quirky parade in the morning (not QUITE as quirky as the Olde Golden Christmas parades).

Sonora was clearly enjoying the parade.

Golden is known for the School of Mines engineering college. So here is the School of Mimes. Heh.

The "Xtreme librarians" of Golden Public Library did an "Xtreme" spinning formation.

Then we went back home to return the dog (she was getting entirely too hot), ate lunch and then came right back to meander along the creek and check out the Wild, Wild West show. Which, as it turns out, wasn’t as much wild as it was hilariously like an episode of Parks and Recreation – awkward and cheesy and fun.

After watching the big-horned cattle stampede by (or just one bull, but who’s counting?) and the Annie Oakley gun show (who wasn’t very convincing but she did shoot the target over her shoulder with a mirror so I’ll give her that), master lassoers (actually, they were pretty good) and a little bit of dancing horse action as we walked away (Ryan wasn’t impressed enough to stay, “it’s just lifting its feet up and down”), we headed to the Golden History Center to check it out for the first time since it was free. And you know we love us some free entertainment.

The crazy stampede. Errr...

It was hot so I donned Sonora's hat and blanket. I am quite the looker.

An old letterpress machine. A graphic designer had to stand by it to make it look official.

Velvet piano!

Strollers sure have changed...

It was a pretty small museum so we were only there for about 20 minutes before we headed on to our next destination – the Astor House, which was also free admission. This was an old hotel/house original to the town and was actually pretty neat. Since Ryan was waiting with Sonora who was sleeping in the stroller, I went through quickly and didn’t take time to read much of the information posted everywhere. So I will need a volunteer to go back with me sometime and pay the $3 fee to really check it out.

The lobby/living room.

Kitchen looking into the living room.

We ended our time there by walking through Parfet Park where there were carnival rides set up on one side along with a stage for bands, and the rest of the park was vendor tents and concessions. I almost considered buying a giant floppy hat, but Ryan told me I looked like a vagabond. I thought it was cute.

Then on Sunday we went back to watch the mutton busting, aka – kids riding/falling off sheep. It was great entertainment…until we were nearly gored by a particularly rambunctious sheep who broke through the fencing right in front of us and nicked the man’s leg who was standing next to us with its giant horns. Don’t worry, I was holding the baby securely and positioned myself in a football stance (arm out, baby tucked into elbow) in order to block the crazed sheep with my burly body. Or something like that.

This cracks me up.

This will be Sonora in a few more years.

Anyway, after watching that for a while, we grabbed some free Blue Bell ice cream (again, free = we are partaking in it) and went back home to paint the rst of the guest room in preparation for the carpet we got the next day…not as exciting.

All in all, a much more fun weekend than we’ve had in a while. And we decided that we’ll be taking at least one day of the next few weekends “off” from working on the house to get back to doing things we enjoy, like this, especially now that the weather is cooling down slightly.

I think that’s a good plan.