Now that I don’t feel the pressure of a series post (I should really learn those don’t work well for me), I want to blog about the small child.

The other weekend (the day after her first month-day, actually) we took her to her first baseball game and I forgot to mention it! The Cubs were playing the Rockies so Ryan got us some Rockpile tickets for $5 each and we went with our friends Brad & Sarah and their little son, Davis. We had a good time but I paid no attention to the game. This is why it’s best we don’t spend money on things like this. And it wasn’t just because of the babies, who did really well, by the way. I just don’t care. Anyway, the weather was awesome that weekend – I actually got a little sunburned. Here are some photos of our walk around the lake by our condo and the game.

Taking a walk around the lake for her month-day on Saturday.

Giant hat.

She read us a passage from the Bible before we went to bed. It didn't make a lot of sense. Lots of cooing and squawking.

At the start of the game on Sunday.

She was none too pleased with the Cubs' performance.

Her first play date! Playing with 6-month-old Davis on the activity gym. Not so sure.

Pantless babies. (she looks like she's the same size, but she's significantly smaller)

Baby butts & feet!

Lately she has gotten very fascinated by her hands. I’ll have her in the bouncer sleeping while I work and then suddenly I hear “smack smack slurp smack” and I look over to discover wide awake baby nomming on her hands. It’s quite cute and it keeps her entertained for a bit. Until she realizes she’d rather have a latte.

She is also getting more vocal with all her grunting and cooing and while she’s still not reacting a whole lot to us, I did get several smiles out of her over the last few days – soo cute! I just want to bite her. I’d like her to start responding to our voices more but right now she still prefers to look at lights and mirrors. She doesn’t even really look at us straight on much – looking more off to the side. Is that normal for 6-7 weeks?

Another major thing to note – she now sleeps for 6-8 hour stretches. !! Whoa. So amazing for me. Not that she was bad at sleeping before, but the one day it was a full 8 hours I wanted to sing and dance. But no one would like that. Off-key gangles are never pleasant to experience.

And I can’t forget to mention the scooting. Lots of kicking and pushing against my hands/stomach/etc. And if we do it when she’s having tummy time, she’ll totally scoot forward.

Oh, and we had our first overnight when we spent Easter weekend with Laura and Jared up in Tabernash/Winter Park. She did really well, but  it took her a while to fall asleep and she did wake up a couple times. But I think it helps that she sleeps in her Pack ‘N Play now in a bassinet, so when she was somewhere else it there’s not really a change in sleeping environment.

Well there is much more, all of which I’ve been documenting in a giant Word document so I don’t forget what happens each week, but those are the highlights.

For more photos of the princess, you’ll have to view on Facebook. It’s much easier to do albums on there. I just put some “photo fails” up under her stinkface album. Hilarity.