Ryan and I moved from the suburbs of Chicago to Golden, Colorado in November 2009 to begin a whole new journey. And despite the fact we miss all our Midwest people, we have never felt better about this decision. Colorado has provided us with so many opportunities and adventures.

I began this blog as a way to stay connected with friends and family back in MI and IL, and to share stories about our CO adventures and new life in Golden. See? Title is witty, no?

In July 2010, we found out we were about to start another adventure – parenthood! Sonora Lily was born March 16, 2011 and we are loving the new addition like crazy. In August 2010, we moved to a neighboring town which ruined the double-entendre of my clever blog title, but didn’t change the fact our life is still “golden.”

So here I am, still sharing our stories and adventures…only now more mama-related. You can also find me using my creative side over at Signify, the creative communication company I started in 2009.

Thanks for visiting my brain. My apologies in advance.

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