So I guess I never officially posted photos of Sonora’s first 18-month photo shoot other than the new header and one other image in this post (but I did post a few to Facebook). However, since she didn’t cooperate well for those I knew I wanted to take more later. And that I did! When Leah and Jared were here a couple weeks ago, we tried to go up Mt. Evans like I said we would…however, the road to the top was closed. Booo. But we did come away with some more gorgeous photos along the way. And although the toddler didn’t necessarily cooperate AGAIN, I did get a few great shots…no editing required because the day and colors were so fabulous.

Check out this little golden aspen cutie. (the three middle ones are the “keepers”)

Not a great shot, but she's pretty adorable in this outfit.

Running away from the camera. Typical.

Even though she's not smiling, I totally love this shot. It's on our mantel.

She smiles! ...but only slightly.

Being coy and playing with her hair clippy that she took out 5 minutes in.


Wistful toddler in a field. Thinking of milk.

AHHHH! I just want to pick her up and squeeze her! And I do. Every day.