AHHH! I FINALLY get to share my good news online, and on our 5-year anniversary!

After five weeks of having to keep my mouth shut ever since I found out, I can officially let the online world know that Ryan and I are going to be parents!

Our little "golden" nugget! 7 week ultrasound.

We are SO excited as we’ve been wanting to be parents for a while now. Baby H is due March 13 and has been putting me through some tiring and sick days since week 7, (I’m 10 weeks along now), which is why I’ve lacked any motivation to post anything lately. I’m hoping I’ll get more inspired to write once I’m out of my first trimester, but for now I try to stay away from the computer since it gives me major headaches, and I really need to devote all my computer time to actual work.

But we are very excited and now I can explain a few things. Like why I haven’t talked more about going back to school for education. And why I haven’t been too upset about not getting a more full-time “real” job (but believe me…I’ve tried!). And one of the reasons for why I started a freelance business when I said I was done with design. Oh, and what the main reason was for why we needed to move out of our place in Golden.

Yep, all of the above were carefully thought through and weighed in our plans for parenthood and my plans to be a stay-at-home working mom. So even though the job situation wasn’t totally because of the baby plans but was more because of my desire to find out what I really wanted to do with my life, it still played a large role.

So about school. Eventually, I do plan to go back to school for education since it was a discovery I made last summer – I love learning (teaching is constant learning) and I love making a difference in kids’ lives. Which is why the first job I got here in Colorado was an after school Ceramics Instructor at Free Horizon Montessori. And that particular school is also now where I’ll be an Aftercare teacher starting August 23 – yay! The spa was more or less a consistent paycheck since freelance hadn’t picked up yet and I wasn’t interested in a full-time role in the creative or marketing industry. Now that I’m getting more work AND I have a job in education, I’m finally going on the track that I’ve been wanting for a while. It’s all coming together! As for travel writing and PR…just a couple fun ventures/hobbies that I got the opportunity to pursue as paying gigs, which is always awesome.

About Signify…well, okay, despite my attitude sometimes, I still do love design and photography. Most of the time. I do have my days where I’m ready to throw in the towel again. But in starting my own business, I’ve discovered my love of the freedom of being able to create on my own, sharing ideas with Ryan, and producing work that I’m proud of. Having the flexibility to say yes or no is always good, and having the ability to schedule my own timelines and create my own estimates has been HUGE in making me feel better about the creative industry. Plus it will be great to have work when I’m primarily staying at home with the little nugget. Oh and did I mention that we’re one of the finalists for the City of Golden website redesign?? And we’ll be presenting on August 24? Wahoo! That job would be HUGE and would be a very significant paycheck. I’m talking the equivalent to a salary. Because it’s a year-long project. So that’s also exciting (albeit daunting) to think about.

But there is still something unfulfilling for me about design. Even though there is a great purpose, I feel like my energy could be better spent in education. So that’s the direction I’m going now, and in the near future – maybe taking classes while being a SAHM or maybe once all the kiddos (2? 3? 6? who knows!) are in school. But the good part about freelance? It can still coincide with education if and when I become an educator! So in the meantime, I’ll continue to grow my business in order to be able to contribute financially to the family while staying home with our new addition in March.

I’ve loved every opportunity that I’ve gotten these past two years, and to think it really kind of all revolves around motherhood…craziness.

Now as far as our big FIVE year anniversary goes…well, unfortunately, little baby sort of changed our plans on our celebrations. Rather than taking another overseas trip with our AA miles to Ireland and England in the next couple months like we were talking about, we’ll just be celebrating our anniversary tonight with dinner and a movie. A lowkey but still a good celebration – we don’t go out for dinner with just the two of us very much and we never see movies in the theater. Plus, we figured that we’ve already done SO much over the last year just living here in Colorado that a new addition is celebration enough. And we’re definitely more than okay with that special change in plans.

Well, I’ve exerted all my energy for the entire day on this post I think. So time to go. Oh, and remember in my last post when I said I would be transferring my Europe journal to an electronic format? Yeah, haven’t touched it once. Ugh. Many things to do over the next few weeks (including starting to pack), so little time.

But more updates soon – my second ultrasound is next week!

Maternally yours, (okay, THAT’s weird)