A sight to behold

A sight to behold

This past weekend was the least eventful weekend we’ve had here yet and it killed us to stay inside on such nice days. And it’s all due to my LASIK surgery – not that it’s a bad thing, but it hasn’t been the best experience for me. Let me tell you a bit about it since some of you may not be up to speed.

On Thursday morning I went under the laser only to come out with less than 20/50 vision – I can see clearly to about five feet and everything beyond that is out of focus. This is obviously not ideal, but it’s definitely better than my natural vision and it was to be expected with the severity of my prescription and astigmatism. Supposedly it will improve over time and we knew enhancement surgery would likely be in my future, but the hope was that I’d have perfect vision immediately. Not my reality, unfortunately. I continue to learn patience, ha.

But regardless of my vision, my eyes are apparently as healthy as they should be after undergoing the surgery even though they are about as dry as the Sahara desert and cause me to literally dream about putting drops in my eyes – which then causes me to wake up and…you guessed it, put drops in my eyes. I actually wake up automatically at 30-minute increments (the time between drops) because I’m already so used to the routine. So my life is now dictated by the internet and eye drops. Great.

Anyway, since I get headaches from trying to focus on things past five feet, (aka, trying to lead a normal life), my eye-drop-causing crusty eyes needed a break from everything for a few days. So Ryan and I took the weekend “off” by mostly staying inside, relaxing, reading and watching movies. And did I mention I wear my lovely eye-protecting goggles during every cinematic presentation? I also wear them when I use the computer or sometimes I switch to regular sunglasses. Not required, just something I do. And yes, they are on right now.

So that is our weekend update. It will be exciting to see what this weekend holds since Ryan’s getting his surgery on Thursday…we might be the most pathetic couple you know.

Well, about 47,320 drops to go!

Sci-fi-ly yours,