As you can see from the adorable new header (!!) we just did a mini photo shoot to capture a milestone month. Even though we’re not doing “monthdays” anymore, I still feel like I need to highlight the “big ones.” So yeah. Our daughter is now a YEAR-AND-A-HALF. That seems crazy but not really crazy at the same time. I feel like we had a normal amount of time from her first birthday until now that it really didn’t seem to fly by too quickly and I’m not gasping from how old she is all of a sudden.

Of course, looking at photos of her at a year and photos of her now I am completely astonished at what a little person she has become. Oh my word. I mean I thought she was a little person before when she was just starting to walk but now she’s Miss Independent, she’s got some attitude and a total personality. And she’s TALKING. They weren’t kidding about the language explosion starting more at this age. I’m constantly scribbling her new words down but really I could just write: Everything or All The Words because she repeats everything and she’s very good at getting the sounds down. And the biggest and best word achievement thus far? MAMA!!!! Wooo!! I could add even more exclamation points but I’ll refrain. It was a long wait, but so worth it.

The other big update is that we bought her a little toilet! (I refuse to call it a “potty”) It’s just a simple Fisherprice froggy one that has an insert she goes in and can be washed out. For $12 we figured it’s worth a try to get her more used to the idea before transitioning to a step-stool up to the big toilet. I know she’s still pretty young but I’m not getting super serious with her yet. So far she likes sitting on it and rolling her belly in and out and grunting like she’s really working hard on something. No potty yet but we’ve had a few successful toots, heh. And her efforts are still very praise worthy. This is our conversation: “Do you want to try to go potty?” “Ty. Pottay.” Followed by a focused look, grunting, belly puffing and elaborate wiping. She LOVES the wiping even though she has nothing to wipe. Wipe wipe wipe then flush down the big toilet. Honestly, she’s probably more interested in the big one than hers but we’re just going to stick with it since it’s so perfectly Sonora-sized.

Really the only other updates are just general – she’s learning and growing so exponentially that it’s making my head spin. As with her words, I feel like every day she’s doing something new that she’s learned. And now she’s reading books almost for real, flipping through it backwards and reading page by page – of course not using real words but SHE thinks she is. It’s hard for me not to get a video of her every time she does it, which is every day. Oh the cute.

Like I’ve said before, being a parent has been nothing but wonderful so far. Of course there are {very few} hard days and {very few} times when we struggle but overall it’s been a year-and-a-half of awesomeness. Really and truly. I’m sure we’ll have way more challenges in the future (it’s only been a year-and-a-half after all!) but we’re taking it day by day and trying to enjoy every moment.

Happy 18 months, baby. Don’t grow up too fast.

Laura (aka MAMA)