Our one-and-a-half day trek.

Our one-and-a-half day trek. Photo courtesy of: Google maps

It’s here!! The day we will officially move away from Illinois and head to our new home in Golden, Colorado. The butterflies in my stomach are starting already – it’s still pretty hard to believe. And although it’s all happened so fast, the last few weeks have gone by fairly slow, which is a good thing. We’ve been able to fit in a lot of quality time with our family and friends before the move, and haven’t felt too busy. I suppose it helps that our life has been packed in a giant box so the only thing we have to worry about packing now are three computers, our tv, some misc boxes, a couple bags and our pets. Speaking of which, as Ryan and I have to drive separately (umm, yeah…an adventure in itself), I am the designated pet-mobile so I will have the mini menagerie with me. We’ll see how long I can last with a little dog jumping all over or trying to sit in my lap and a bunny who has a reverse shedding cycle and will have fur flying all over the place. My contacts will love me after this trip – they will receive lots of attention from random particles. A party in my eyes…lovely.

Anyway, I have been trying to make this seem like reality but I don’t think it will be until we actually start driving west. It still just seems like a normal trip for us, except for all the goodbyes we’ve had to say – normally we get sent off with happier words. It’s just beginning to sink in now that we won’t be seeing the usual faces at all anymore and it’s a sobering (a weird, yet perfectly descriptive word) and sad thought. Until this point, I’ve been avoiding any negative thoughts, but I can’t deny that it’s not all fun and games. I’ve gotten to know some amazing people here, and have remained friends with some awesome people back in Michigan so it’s really hard to leave everyone, not to mention our Midwest family support group. Let’s hope absence makes the heart grow fonder – in the meantime, thank goodness for all the conveniences of technology!

But needless to say, we are fulfilling one of our dreams so it’s hard to fight our growing excitement and happiness about the move. And that’s the part that I’ve been focusing on…needing to focus on. Besides, I know that despite the distance we’ll keep our friendships and we’ll always have our family. And while it’s difficult to leave the people we love, we are really excited to make new friends in a new place and grow our circle even more.

So please wish us all the best and please pray for safe travels! We’ll be on the road this evening and have plans to stay overnight in Des Moines, finishing our trip on Friday. My wonderful brother- and sister-in-law, Jared and Laura, will be coming down from Tabernash to help us lowly Front Range folks unload and move on Saturday. So stay tuned for updates later on this weekend…

xox and miss you all already!